Schimbă iconița unui fișier (in Windows 7)

În Windows XP, poti schimba pictograma asociată  unui  tip de fişier in Windows Explorer. În Windows 7, ceea trebuie sa faci, e sa „hackărești” unii registri responsabili cu adresele iconitei. Vă voi arăta o metodă zic eu simpla si rapida pentru Windows 7, si anume File Types Manager.

Programelul File Types Manager este un utilitar usor de folosit de la NirSoft care include opţiuni de gestionare a folderul/ fisierului ca la Windows XP plus alte instrumente noi.Programul este simplu de folosit (functional) in Windows 7, netestat personal si pe versiunianterioare de windows. Reuseste sa schimbe iconitele tuturor tipurilor de fisiere.

Problema comună pe care o intalnim cu totii la pictograme (icoane/iconite) fiind faptul ca sunt prea asemanatoare.

sshot-1 You have to look for a few seconds to see the difference between the movies and the text files. Let’s change the icon for the movie files to make visually scanning through directories much easier. Open up File Types Manager. sshot-2 Find the “Default Icon” column and click on it to sort the list by the Default Icon. (We’ve hidden a bunch of columns we don’t need, so you may find it to be farther to the right.)sshot-3 This groups together all file extensions that already have the same icon. This is convenient because we want to change the icon of all video files, which at the moment all have the same default icon. Click the “Find” button on the toolbar, of press Ctrl+F. Type in a file type that you want to change. sshot-4 Note that all of the extensions with the same default icon are grouped together. Right click on the first extension whose icon you want to change and click on Edit Selected File Type, or select the first extension and press F2. sshot-5 Click the “…” button next to the Default Icon text field. sshot-6 Click on the Browse… button. File Types Manager allows you to select .exe, .dll, or .ico files. sshot-7 In our case, we have a .ico file that we took from the wonderful public domain Tango icon library. sshot-8 Select the appropriate icon (if you’re using a .exe or .dll there could be many possible icons) then click OK. Repeat this process for each extension whose icon you would like to change.


Now it’s much easier to see at a glance which files are movies and which are text files! Of course, this process will work for any file type, so customize your files’ icons as you see fit.

Download File Types Manager from NirSoft for Windows

.Download File Types Manager


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